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Our zine, posters, and Suffragette Trumps cards make great gifts! You can also donate to help us give free Education Packs to schools – or purchase one yourself.

We worked for over a year to develop these resources on Scotland’s Suffrage History, partnering with preeminent scholars to research women who campaigned across the country. These amazing activists are featured in these beautiful, robustly researched resources.

Scotland’s Suffragette Trumps (3 decks)

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Scotland’s Suffragette Trumps

A high-quality bespoke deck of cards featuring the names, images and information of over 40 amazing women activists. People of all ages will enjoy this fun, hands-on, ready-to-use game that encourages independent learning.

The cards are available with two different designs on the reverse: our standard diamonds, or limited edition flower design. They are professionally printed on high-quality paper, and have an amazing ‘feel’ in your hands.

Each deck includes: 44 activist cards; 2 Wild Cards (SUFFRAGETTE & SUFFRAGIST); 7 cards describing actions (like MARCHES or CHALKING); and a HOW TO PLAY card. The activist cards depict women who campaigned in Scotland as suffragettes and suffragists – and we’ve also included international activists.

Our work with Schools

One-third of the proceeds from each sale of 3 decks goes towards helping us to produce free Scottish Suffrage Education Resource Packs for schools – so that more young people can learn about these amazing women. Effectively when you buy one, we give one!

For more on our Education Resource Packs and how we’re currently giving 100 Packs to schools in every region of Scotland, check us out on FB, insta, twitter or our website.

Please note: We ship once a week, usually on Thursdays. We can accommodate quicker turnaround – just get in touch via social media or email .

Here’s a wee vid on how we got started

Thanks for your support of Scotland’s Suffragette Trumps and our work with schools! We want to increase public knowledge about these important herstories – and we’d not be here without ya…

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