Women have largely been written out of history, and we want to help write them back in. We’re working to recover women’s voices and stories, focusing on historical activism in Scotland.

We aim to redraft history – so that it includes herstories.

Recovering Herstories

As a society we need diverse and inspiring examples of activism to reach for, and young people need to see themselves reflected in the histories they learn.

We use archival sources like newspapers, photographs, and material culture (like banners and badges) to bring to light the inspiring stories of suffragettes, suffragists, rent strike activists, community organisers, and trade unionists.

Mary Barbour

She was a working-class political activist, local Councillor, Bailie and Magistrate. Mary is most well known for her role leading the 1915 Govan Rent Strikes, when working people protested against unfair rents.

We’ve been researching Mary for almost 9 years, and helping to write her Wikipedia page for the last 5 – we are inspired by her activism and admire her tenacity in the face of incredible challenges.

“There is a clear message for all women involved in [any] movement: take your T-shirts, your badges, jewellery and posters to your local museum and demand that they be preserved for posterity.

Do not be written out of history.”

Dr Elspeth King, authour, historian, and former Director of the Stirling Smith Art Museum

Jessie Soga

Scotland’s only known Black suffrage activist.

Born in South Africa, Jessie trained in Milan as a musician, worked as a singing teacher in Glasgow, and was a ‘prime mover’ in the Women’s Freedom League (Hillhead).

We’re working to recover more of Jessie’s story –  and highlight diverse voices in Scottish suffrage.

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“The women pioneers of the suffrage movement […] fought the current of tradition, custom, habit and persecution.

To them we owe much. We must never forget them.”

Helen Crawfurd, from her unpublished Autobiography, pg 76

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