Protests and Suffragettes is a creative project and social enterprise which recovers and celebrates the histories of women activists across Scotland. We are based in Govan, Glasgow and for many years focused on local herstories. We became a social enterprise in 2022.

Who We Are

We are led by a team of artists, activists, and local historians who are passionate about rediscovering the voices and actions of women who came before us, and in finding creative and inspiring ways to share their work – and their exact words, when we can find them. We’re inspired by these women, and we hope we can inspire others as well!

We’re based in Govan’s Kinning Park Complex but also meet remotely as our team is Scotland-wide and international. The project was founded by socially-engaged artist t s Beall in 2013, and became a social enterprise in 2022.

What We Do

We conduct research, host creative workshops and Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons, self-publish zines, design and install murals, ‘redraw’ historical posters, and create public art and interventions in the public realm.

Our work developing Educational Resources on Scotland’s Suffrage History led us to start an online shop, and become a social enterprise.

“One of the best online events I have ever seen – varied, dynamic, informative and… inspiring – congratulations!”

Review of our Virtual Artwalk by Magda Zakrzewska Duda, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Gdansk, Poland

How We Research

We view robust research as part of a process of recovering women’s work and contributions to our shared history. 

We conduct in-depth archival research and when possible, oral histories. We also partner with renowned scholars and invite knowledgeable folks to give talks.

Occasionally we connect with the families of activists who share incredible stories and new images – this is invaluable to our work!

Why re-vision history?

Women are underrepresented within most historical narratives, with their work, voices, and stories undervalued and underreported.

Our work seeks to redress this imbalance.

We conduct in-depth research and then bring it to life with creative events, workshops, educational resources, and artworks. Using different creative methods, we recover and re-introduce women’s voices into the more well-known, dominant historical narratives. 

We’re using multiple creative tools to redraft and re-vision history – and we need your help!


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