Welcome to Protests & Suffragettes

A creative project & new social enterprise led by a team of artists, activists, & local historians working to recover and re-voice the histories of women activists in Scotland.

What we do

We promote Scottish herstories with dynamic educational resources. We work with Wikipedia as knowledge activists. We create artwalks, murals & zines, public art & creative interventions. We host workshops, conduct archival research and record oral histories.


Women have largely been written out of history, and we want to help write them back in. We’re working to recover women’s voices and stories, focusing on historical activism in Scotland.

We use archival sources like newspapers, photographs and material culture to highlight the inspiring stories of suffragettes, suffragists, rent strike activists, community organisers and trade unionists. We conduct oral histories when we can.

“The Suffragette Trumps were a lot of fun, and it was interesting to learn different statistics about people who were important to the movement.”

Student, East Lothian

Our work with wikipedia

We edit Wikipedia as a form of knowledge activism, and we teach others to do the same.

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website in the world, but lacks diversity in both its editors and its articles. Did you know that only 19% of biographies on (English-speaking) Wikipedia are about women?

We host free Wikipedia Workshops in partnership with Wikimedia UK and Women’s History Scotland. We’re working to improve the representation of Scottish suffrage activists on the open web.

Our Shop

How many Scottish Suffragettes can you name? Support our work, and get to know these amazing women!

Our zine, posters, and Suffragette Trumps cards make great gifts. The cards are great for families to play together, and promote intergenerational learning.

We worked for over a year to develop teaching resources on Scotland’s Suffrage History, partnering with preeminent scholars to research suffragettes & suffragists who campaigned in each & every region of the country. These amazing activists are featured in these beautiful, robustly researched resources.

Rent Strikers & Suffragettes’ Zine

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Scotland’s Suffrage History Education Pack


Scotland’s SuffrageTTE TRUMPS (SINGLE DECK)



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